We are a small bunch of people who have had direct experience of community work and been lucky enough to write, reflect and think about some of the practice we have seen. At present we are mostly involved in the Murdoch University’s Community Development Programme. A couple of us work elsewhere, including in other university programmes. Please feel free to drop us a line on our contact page.

Some of these stories are from the past and some are happening now. We have included work from a project that examined the history of community development in WA. You could hear first hand from people who have long standing involvement in community work from the 70s to the present. We’ve also included stories of projects being undertaken across the country. At least one of us has had first hand experience with this work. Some of the stories are told through video, some in text, or as a combination of a number of mediums. We also link to other websites which detail the wonderful work people are doing. We have also written articles about the work that we want to share. In particular, we want to take a look at things like: what is behind the work; how has it been done and what can we learn that may be useful elsewhere.

We have heard the phrase ‘what now’ being used in the Kimberley region of WA. It variously means: ‘hi, how are you going’; ‘what’s up?’ and, often after great deliberations about the tensions facing remote communities, “so what shall we do about the troubles we have been talking about?” To us it symbolises the hope, positivity and practicality of many of those involved in the stories we tell. It also expresses the following sentiment we subscribe to: “lets have a look at some of the solutions we can adopt to the challenges we face.”

We think these projects have much to tell us about how to do community work with respect, joy and creativity. We hope that much of it will be enlightening and motivating, and make a contribution to the way community work is done and thought about, now and into the future.