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This project came about because there are so many interesting stories to tell about community work. We wanted to provide a place to keep some of these stories that would make them accessible to people all over the world. This site provides a jumping off point to learn about community work from the point of view of practitioners and participants, as well as to reflect on the reasons projects are carried out and the differences they make. We hope that much of it will be enlightening and motivating, and make a contribution to the way community work is done and thought about, now and into the future.


Dave PalmerDr Dave Palmer – Academic Chair of Community Development

Dave is the Chair of the Community Development program at Murdoch University in Western Australia and enjoys spending time researching community-based projects throughout WA and other parts of the country. He lives in Perth with his partner and two boys. More about Dave’s writing and research is available on the Murdoch University staff profile page. Dave plays banjo better than Cam.


Jen's portrait

Jen Buchanan

At present Jen works as a Research Fellow in the School of Indigenous Studies at the University of Western Australia. Together with a group of Nyungar scholars and community members they are helping build a Nyungarpaedia as a way to support the regeneration of language and culture. In the past Jen has taught and contributed to research projects in the Community Development Programme at Murdoch. She loves traveling to the northwest of WA, hanging out with her sons and has saltwater in her veins.

Cam TeroCameron Tero

Cam is a lecturer in the Community Development course at Murdoch University. He grew up in country WA – Kondinin and Kalgoorlie, and has since taken up work in a range of fields, including as a teacher in a remote school in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands, as a community worker in metropolitan schools, and as a global citizenship educator. He’s currently undertaking research about the experiences of those involved in humanitarian work in Australia and beyond, and enjoys walking his dog Arthur, making bread, playing the banjo and generally just being outdoors.