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Community – yearning, nostalgia and the desire for connection

Early work concerned with ‘community’ Those interested in the business of conceptualising community have long mapped the range and diversity of ways of thinking about and treating it. Social theorists from Aristotle to Durkheim, Weber, Marx, Simmel, Hillery, Elias, Friedman, … Continue reading

A prefacing story: Ngapartji Ngapartji, the gift and kindness

Download story as .pdf   There was this beautiful thing that happened, a brief but difficult moment in the project when Trevor broke down during one of the early performances in Melbourne. It happened during one of the first seasons … Continue reading

Belmont Alternative Learning Centre

One thing the Belmont ALC does is that it removes barriers to educational opportunity. It removes them for young people who have found it hard to overcome a variety of obstacles – things like family difficulties, poor attendance, being easily … Continue reading