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Articles about Community Development

Below are a number of articles written by Dave Palmer and others about the practice of community development:

Intergenerational work with young people: community_building

Youth practice and local government: alive_motivated_cover

Aboriginal young people and spirituality: Collard & Palmer Spirituality 2015

Aboriginal people and film: palmer_gillard youth in film

Nyungar and coastal explorers: Strangers on the Shore

Values education and schools: Values education with stocker

Working with Indigenous young people: Indigenous young people youth studies

Youth work and ambivalence: Youth and ambivalence

Youth workers and Nyungar influence: getting shown and thing or two

Relationship between good social outcomes and culture, on-country activity and language: Demonstrating the relationships between culture

Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal history making. Nyoongar and non-Aboriginal people going along together. 

Dialogue and creativity. Dialogue and creativity.