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Halo youth Leadership



The project: ’Building Awareness and Resilience with Community Theatre’ was carried out in the second half of 2012 as a partnership between Halo Leadership Development Agency Inc and Act Out. Erika Jacobson, Director of Act Out led the project and worked with a group of young Aboriginal men who were participants in the Halo Youth Leadership Programme.

The Halo Leadership Development Agency Inc was a peer-mentoring program that provides opportunities for young Aboriginal men to advance their hopes, aspirations and leadership opportunities.  This particular project was built around using theatre and performance, present and future Aboriginal young people’s experience to enable healing, positive progress and economic independence for our future Aboriginal and community leaders.

The project involved conducting 10 workshops to explore the issue of young people’s safety and violence against women in order to develop a forum theatre script about the stories and experiences of the participants. Young men wrote, rehearsed and produced a performance piece. They marketed and promoted six performances of the play to community, young people and service providers. This involved performing the play using the Forum Theatre model so as to encourage active involvement and discussion by the audience.

Read the project report: Halo evaluation report

Check out the youtube piece on the workshops: