Quop Maaman

This project involved developing an Aboriginal fathering program by Aboriginal men. Over a six month period over 25 men met, started to talk about the features of good fathering, had their stories and insights recorded on film and shaped the design and testing of a workshop series. The workshop includes:


  • Stories of Aboriginal men who have acted as strong fathers
  • The differences between Aboriginal fathering and non-Aboriginal fathering
  • The main challenges and difficulties facing Aboriginal fathers
  • Programs, activities and supports that help Aboriginal men become stronger fathers
  • The things young Aboriginal men need in order to learn how to become good fathers
  • The qualities of a strong Aboriginal father.

Check out the films: Wangka, Moort,  Boola Maaman, Boodjar, Katatjiny, Boorda Djininy.

Have a read of the information sheets: Quop Maaman Reading 1, Quop Maaman Reading 2, Quop Maaman Reading 3, Quop Maaman Reading 4, Quop Maaman Reading 5, Quop Maaman Reading 6, Quop Maaman Reading 7.

Here is the website: Quop Maaman website