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Sharing Stories Foundation

SharingStories Foundation are a not-for-profit organisation led by a passionate Board with equal representation of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. They work with Indigenous communities to protect, maintain and grow language, stories and cultural heritage through digital technologies and vibrant artistic art forms for the benefit of all children today and future generations tomorrow.

Their projects are wonderful examples of working across Indigenous communities – Elder and child, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, speaking and listening, traditional and modern, oral storytelling and digital storytelling – and building spaces where learning both ways is real for Indigenous children, Elders and all Australians. Their work with communities takes them back over the long term, supporting ongoing cultural maintenance practices at the same time as inventing, adapting, adopting, continuously finding new and exciting ways to interpret cultural stories using a range of dynamic and evolving media art forms.

Featured here are two projects: in SA’s Leigh Creek area and in the small remote community of Jarlmadangah in the Kimberley.

Check out the vimeo of work in Leigh Creek: The Making of Yulu’s Coal

Check out the vimeo: The Making of Yulu’s Coal Interactive Multitouch Book

Listen to a radio feature on Yulu’s coal on ABC Radio

Have a look at the Woonyoomboo multi touch book made with the Jarlmadangah community.

Have a read of  a paper reviewing the work at Leigh Creek A review of Yulu’s Coal

The Sharing Stories Foundation website is full of content produced all over the country. Have a wander around it.