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The Yiriman Project

Yiriman1The Yiriman Project started out because Aboriginal elders in the West Kimberley were worrying for their young people. Following long established traditions, they set up an organisation that would help take young people, elders and other members of the community on trips to country.

The destination and major activities planned for the trips are the product of a complex set of decisions that reflect a number of contingencies including: who is available to travel, weather conditions, the needs of young people being chosen to participate, local community events, when a place was last visited, the needs of country (e.g., fire management and burning needs) and whether there are opportunities to travel with other groups. Of critical importance at this stage is the direction of the senior people or ‘bosses’ who identify where and when to travel, who should go and the activities to be undertaken.

Yiriman arranges its trips to coincide with large cultural events and meetings, and to build in training and development opportunities, and to work together with other organisations. These ‘trips on country’ become a means through which young people share time with their community, build respect for elders, maintain culture and language, learn to care for land, stay healthy and start to take a stake in their future.

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